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Image of the Michael Swann Building This is the new website for the Structural Biochemistry Group. Based in purpose built research laboratories within the Michael Swann building on the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings campus the SBG is home to a collection of independent research groups united by their common interest in the structure and function of biological molecules.

The group has an international mix of personnel and expertise in protein expression and purification as well as protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography and NMR. Our research interests are broad and range from the rational design of novel inhibitors for cell cycle kinases to the structure and function of membrane proteins.

Via this website you can learn more about the research activities of the individual laboratories within the group. You can also browse some of the many protein structures that have been determined by our researchers or view current opportunities for study or employment.

Featured Structure

Thermostable Lipase

We describe the first lipase structure from a thermophilic organism. It shares less than 20 percent amino acid sequence identity with other lipases for which there are crystal structures, and shows significant insertions compared with the typical alpha/beta hydrolase canonical fold. The structure contains a zinc-binding site which is unique among all lipases with known structures, and which may play a role in enhancing thermal stability. Zinc binding is mediated by two histidine and two aspartic acid residues. These residues are present in comparable positions in the sequences of......

Thermostable Lipase structure

Full details of this structure can be found here

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